In our experience, small companies often have the most innovative solutions to complex problems.  We have also found that that successful companies, regardless of what industry they are in, coordinate several activities across many disciplines. Unfortunately small companies often lack one or more of these disciplines which slows growth and reduces the probability of success. Founders, in particular, often do not have the time and/or expertise to pull all the parts together, especially if they are still working in their field. This problem only gets worse as the company gets bigger which increases risk. In situations where time to market may be the only significant barrier to entry, it becomes very important to enter the market fully prepared to grow quickly with minimum back-tracking.

We have found that the fruition of a vision starts with a strong technology plan that is scalable and extendible, a sales model that is convincing enough to close deals, and a financial plan shows the resources needed to execute the plan.

ITI is looking for companies that have built a solution around solid requirements. We are particularly interesting in health care networking opportunities. We want to use our extensive experience in the Telecommunications industry to help improve collaboration and workflow using companies that have a solid technology. If you have:

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